An Age Where “Wear your opinion” is The New fashion Statement – Know why

In the October 2016, the renowned model Maria Grazia Chiuri wore her famous ‘We should all be feminists’ T-shirt when she walked down the ramp for Dior catwalk in Paris. She ignited a flame for bringing politics and social cause in our everyday lives with the help of slogan t-shirts. Though Grazia Chiuri reignited our minds on ‘wear your opinion’ as the new fashion trend, she was not the first one to use slogan t shirts as a mode of support or protest to a social cause.

The Early Trend

It all started in 1960 when renowned personalities and the common crowds started using slogan t-shirts to send subtle messages around the world. There was a shop on the King’s Road in Chelsea named Mr Freedom which was famous for the Disney inspired slogan t-shirts in 1960. In 1980, the famous British fashion designer and businesswoman Vivienne Isabel Westwood took this trend of wearing inspirational messages on the t-shirts a step further and started creating politically motivated slogan in her workshop. Nowadays slogan t-shirts have again become a rage among the trendy younger generation and all the popular t-shirt manufacturers like Bewakoof, Lee, Proline, Spyker, Ajio, etc are investing thousands of dollars every year to craft the most special and unique slogan tees for you. In this write-up, we would throw some light on the instances where ‘wear your opinion’ became the new fashion statement and slogan t-shirt became a flag bearer of social messages and protest to some burning cause of our society.

The Famous T-shirt of Katherine Hamnett

One of the most iconic slogan t-shirts of the 20th century was worn by the famous English fashion designer Katherine Hamnett in 1984. She wore a t-shirt with a large slogan saying ‘58% don’t want Pershing’ which could be read from a distance of 20—30 feet while being photographed with Margaret Thatcher the then Prime Minister of Britain. Her t-shirt grabbed the nation’s attention to the opposition of the installation of US Pershing missiles in the British soil at the tail end of the cold war.

The Present Scenario

Presently the slogan t-shirts have become a trend among the urban youth and it has taken the nation by storm. Whenever you walk into any college campus or the sitting area of any mall in the evening, you are surely going to notice the college students wearing a wide array of slogan t-shirts. The remarkable feature of these t-shirts is that they are uniquely different to each other in terms of style, features and colours.

Modern Trends in Slogan T-shirts

The slogan t-shirts have become very popular nowadays and it had created a new fashion statement “wear your style”. The present generation is found to sport a wide array of slogan tees in different style and designs. Here are a few important trends of slogan tees.

  • Support Or Protest to a Cause

You can find a number of slogan t-shirts among the college crowd in support of a good cause like saving the environment, say no to child labour, cleanliness drive, etc. Sometimes the slogan t-shirts are also crafted in protest to a movement like racial discrimination, reservation quota, etc. These are the common trends of slogan tees

  • Love for an Iconic Figure

Slogan tees are commonly used by the youth to portrait their love for an iconic figure like a famous cricketer, musician, film star or politician. Sometimes the love for one’s country or a region is also depicted through slogan t-shirts.

So, this was a brief description of the fashion statement “wear your opinion” in the form of slogan tees, which is a common trend among the youths of the current generation.