Can I Go Running With A Baby Stroller?

One of the things that most ask me since I started with the blog is if you can run with a common baby stroller. Today I was asked by a mother like you and quickly wanted to answer with this post because I think it is something that interests you.

Is It Possible?

By power, yes you can, but from my point of view is not very advisable. Why? It is easy to believe that common strollers and running strollers work in the same way and therefore can be interchangeable. Well, no. The structures and characteristics are very different and a very good example is Bob running stroller.

Below are the most relevant points that tell us why:

  • Strollers have a very specific purpose: Walking with a baby. For this, it has four small, rotating, maneuverable wheels that make it easy to move at a slow speed. These wheels are not safe when we reach faster speeds because they can make us overturn easily (although you think you’re not going very fast, with a running stroller you will not even notice it, but with a common stroller I do not think you could go more than two meters without having to stop or slow down).
  • Running strollers have a firm and secure strap that is anchored to the handlebar and placed around the wrist to maintain control at all times.

On very steep slopes or crossings, this strap is essential in case the stroller is released. Some common strollers also carry them but they are not so wide and strong (think they also function to break speed, not only weight) It is very important to use it!) Similar to that of child safety seats, some straps go over the shoulders, others to the hips and are fastened between the legs so that the baby is completely safe and minimize injuries in case of an accident.


It is clear that buying a stroller is an important investment, so I always answer the same thing: What is your goal with running? Is it really something that you are going to practice with your family or is it just a transitory whim? I am so insistent because if it is something that you do not have a very clear understanding with, it is better that you try for a few days with a running stroller (on tracks without reliefs or ups or downs).