Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Shipping Container

Shipping containers are generally used for packing and shipping items from one country to another. Containers are generally loaded on freight ships and are transported from one part of the globe to another. Shipping containers are available in plenty of different sizes. Full-sized containers are big enough to accommodate large vehicles, while smaller containers are generally designed for shipping cartons and boxes.

Once they are relieved from shipping duty, containers are often sold to individuals for their own uses. There are plenty of companies that sell shipping containers; these containers can be modified in a variety of different ways depending upon the consumer’s requirements. Indeed, if you are searching for shipping containers for sale in NZ, here are some important things that you should know:

Shipping Container

The Prices Vary

Shipping containers are available in different grades. The condition of the container plays a huge role in determining the price. The three grades of containers are as follows:

A Grade: A grade containers are those which come straight from the manufacturer, but have made a single trip to China. These containers usually have vents in the side walls for ventilation, and the floors are made from marine plywood. Lock boxes are installed on the doors in order to provide added security. Since these containers aren’t subjected to heavy use, the quality and condition is top-notch. Needless to say, A grade containers are more expensive.

B Grade: B grade containers, also known as second-hand units, are considerably cheaper. These containers generally have a few minor dents and some rust on the surface. The good thing about second-hand units is that they fully water and windproof. These containers are ideal for storing household items. Keep in mind that B grade containers are mostly used for shipping equipment around the globe before they are released for sale to the public.

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C Grade: Last but not the least, C grade quality containers are the cheapest of the lot. They have been repaired before, and are sold in an “as-is” condition. There are usually a significant number of dents and damage on the walls of the container, and you might notice a lot of rust on the surface as well. They are generally suitable for storing strong machinery on a farm.


There are plenty of different modifications that you can opt for when buying a shipping container. Most companies that sell shipping containers can customise it for you in different ways. For instance, you can ask the company to install windows or a side door for easy access. You can also opt for roller doors on the sides, shutters, container ventilation systems and power capability as well. You can also ask the company to install a ramp for forklifts and trolleys on the container. You can also ask the company to paint your business logo on the side of the container. Obviously, different modifications will increase the price of your container, and some significantly. You should ask the company to give you a final quote based on the modifications before you make your purchase.