Fitted or straight? Pick the right shirt for work

Are you wearing the right kind of shirt to work? Find out by reading this article.

Every man owns a fair number of shirts. Shirts are needed for the office, while some casual styles and designs can be worn in casual settings as well. But though every man has worn shirts from boyhood up, only a few are able to ace their look with this fundamentally simple garment.

If you’re wondering how you can go wrong with a shirt, here’s a question: Do you wear fitted shirts or straight cut ones? If you have shirts belonging to both categories, you might have to ask yourself if it’s wise that you do.

Let’s understand what each type of shirt is meant for, and how you should wear it.

Fitted shirts…

These are a relatively new style, popularised by the metrosexual trend that swept the world a decade ago. They used to be seen exclusively on the fashion runways of the world, but today they are an accepted part of the fashion lexicon in most countries. However, this style of men’s shirts is more suited to younger men with toned bodies. They can be hip length or waist-length – the latter variant is worn with fitted cotton shorts in casual settings.

Since they are cut in a way that the waist is tighter than that seen in the usual tee or shirt, they emphasise a toned midriff. But it can also draw attention to bulges and muffin tops, so this style of shirts for men must be picked with care.

Fitted shirts often look good on thin young men with waists that are not much smaller than their hips. However, shorter men can also pull of this style of men’s shirts by wearing straight fit trousers instead of fitted Chinos. They can finish their look with heavy leather shoes with a lace up style, making sure that the shirt is a half-sleeved one.

Straight cut shirts…

This is the usual style of shirt that every man will have in his wardrobe. It can feature full sleeves or half, and it suits every body type or age group.

This style of shirts for men is probably the first thing you pick when you shop for shirts online or offline. Instead of worrying about whether it will make your belly look fat or your arms too skinny, you just need to worry about picking the right size. Often, you only have to check the shoulder and chest dimensions – these are listed on the size guard when you shop for these men’s shirts online. Check the sizes in both inches and centimetres; sizes vary across brands and you might end up picking a shirt that is too loose or too tight.

This style of men’s shirts is suited to both fitted and baggy trousers. Finish with leather shoes or brogues, and make sure the shirt is understated and sober in design and colour. When dressing for the office, opt for Chinos instead of denim pants, unless there is no strict dress code.

There you have it – an elementary guide on picking fitted v/s straight fit shirts for men. Get shopping on your favourite online fashion site and pick shirts in linen, cotton and jute for the hot summer months.