How to Use a Breast Pump

If you have never used a breast pump, it helps to know some pointers to make it easier to handle the device. Once you get used to the routine however, you will be able to eventually meet your expectations. You just have to learn to be patient and take the process one day at a time.

Learn to Relax and Take Your Time

Pumping works better for women who learn to relax. Think of using a breast pump then as a break from your daily stress. If you follow a schedule, you will be more likely produce a good flow of milk. So, if you set a time at which to use your breast pump, you can prepare your body for the demand on your supply of milk.

Again, expressing milk can be better accomplished when you are in a relaxed state. So, learn to take your time during the process. You do not want to feel hurried when you are pumping milk. Before you begin then, you may want to initiate some deep breathing exercises. Positive visualization can also help. Think about sitting on a sunny beach or taking a stroll along the strand of a lake.

What You Can Do to Increase the Flow of Milk

You will feel more relaxed too if you try to avoid any distractions and find a private place to pump the milk. Breast pumps are designed in varying styles. So, you want to make sure you are comfortable with the pump you choose. Make sure you have all the items you need within easy reach. In addition, it helps to apply a warm compress to each breast to increase the flow of milk.

Some women who use a breast pump will also massage their breasts to receive better results. When pumping milk, it is important to make sure your shoulders are relaxed and that you have the needed support for your arms and back.

Support the Breast to Prevent a Blockage

To facilitate the process, grip the shield from your breast pump between your index finger and thumb. Use the palm of your hand to support your breast. By taking this approach, you can establish a better seal between the breast and the shield. This technique keeps the shield from pushing into the breast tissues and obstructing the milk ducts.

When you are pumping milk, make sure you have a nutritional snack and beverage to consume before and after each session. It is also helpful to get your beauty rest. The breast shield, which is the funnel-shaped part of the breast pump, should be sized so it comfortably yet securely surrounds the nipple. Therefore, make sure that the nipple does not rub against the shield wall. Needless to say, the size of shield you select is important.

Pump at the highest vacuum that is tolerable and comfortable. Adjusting the pump to determine your level of comfort. If the pumping feels a bit uncomfortable, adjust the vacuum down ever so slightly. And remember – the key to success for expressing milk is to encourage a let-down reflex. Any pain or discomfort will stymie your efforts in this respect.