New to Vaping? Try It

If you want to quit smoking or cut down, try vaping.  Many smokers have already switched from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, vaping.  There’s plenty of online info and guides to help you understand what vaping is all about, ideal for those people who are a little unsure.

Recent UK public health reports have highlighted that vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking.  Many medical and scientific experts are also of the opinion that electronic cigarettes are a much better alternative healthwise than their cousins, traditional tobacco cigarettes.  There’s now more evidence than ever before indicating that vaping is safe especially when you buy products like e-liquid from recommended online suppliers.

Find out more about vaping basics

The latest vaping technology has helped manufacturers provide clients with a much more advanced and better vaping experience.  There are now devices available which were not around a few years ago. To get you started, here are a few vaping devices you will need:-

  • A battery – vaping batteries are either supplied with a charger or have a built-in charging port
  • A tank – this is the part that contains e-liquids and a heating coil (atomiser) that vaporises the liquid
  • A bottle – bottles contain e-liquids which come in a variety of nicotine strengths, flavours as well as sizes


At first why don’t you buy a beginner’s electronic cigarette pack so you can get used to vaping.  Beginner’s packs are small in size and lightweight, making them easy to carry in your pocket.  They are also very affordable compared to traditional cigarettes, while providing the same smoking experience.  These devices offer high power with good battery capacity producing more vapour and a satisfying flavour.

It’s time to switch

When switching to vaping it’s important to choose the right nicotine strength. Choose too low and you run the risk of not satisfying your cravings. Choose too high and you might feel a little nauseous.  Don’t worry; search the net for tables that detail which nicotine strength will be more suitable for you.


Before switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, check out reputable firms that sell top of the range nicotine e-liquids and vape juices.  There’s an exciting range of unique e-liquid blends for use in electronic cigarettes and vaporisers to choose from.  How about:-


  • Cloud chaser classic egg juice
  • Gourmet flavour freaks
  • Cloud freaks
  • HT custard
  • Farmer Joe’s cloud chaser
  • Sub OHM Classic


Reliable online stores have something for every taste which also includes regular flavours like strawberry, chocolate, apple and pear.

Got everything you need?

Once you have everything you need, it’s recommended to switch to vaping first thing in the morning especially if you’ve been without a cigarette for around eight hours.  This will also give you more time to charge your vaping device batteries.  Just, juice up the tank, hit the button and inhale; it’s so easy. Welcome to the exciting world of electronic cigarettes.