Raise a Glass to Great Online Wine Options

Is there anything more beautiful than a great old bottle of wine?

Perhaps—but you’d be hard pressed to find something more enjoyable. Wine is one of those wonderful things which can and long have been shared and enjoyed around the world. Whether you thrill to the legendary Old World vineyards and chateaus of Italy, France, and Spain’s most immaculate wine-making regions, the flavourful offerings of California’s Napa Valley, or newer wine options such as Argentina and Australia’s increasingly-prestigious wine areas, there’s a great new wine for you out there somewhere just waiting to be uncorked and enjoyed.

Of course, you have to find that beautiful bottle of vino first. While there’s no substitute for encountering a new vintage you’ve never experienced before in person, the world of online shopping has made it easier than ever before for wine lovers to find those new vintages or rediscover old favourites. Part of the trick to shopping for all those many wonderful variations of wine is knowing the particulars about how to search for and store them as you hunt down those online wine deals.

Red Wine Tips

Red wine is some of the hardiest out there, meaning that you don’t have to worry about its being fragile the way you do white wines. That said, 55 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 13 degrees Celsius) is the generally agreed upon “sweet spot” for a good, neutral wine storage temperature when it comes to red wine. Their taste is also typically a bit bolder than their quieter white counterparts. Some of the most well-known and beloved red wines out there include Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot is a typically less expensive option which is sometimes pooh-poohed by “wine snobs,” but has nevertheless recovered in reputation somewhat and is great for casual get-togethers with friends.

White Wine Tips

White wine is typically more delicate and thus often a tad pricier than red wines. Their sometimes subtler edge makes them a great choice for those looking to relax with a cool, refreshing glass at the end of the day without feeling overwhelmed or assaulted by the taste or sensation of it all. The temperature at which you keep your white wines can vary widely from bottle to bottle depending on the type of white wine, the vintage itself, the ingredients, and more. However, they are nearly always kept at lower temperatures than whites, with the 40s Fahrenheit (about 4-10 degrees Celsius) being a reasonably common range for them. That said, their cooler temperature and crisp taste make them ideal summer wines.

Champagne Tips

Champagne is called champagne for a very good reason—that’s the region in France from which it comes. Of course, that’s the case with plenty of other wine types, too, such as Bordeaux. While Bordeaux is cultivated and celebrated the world over, for that champagne you to buy to be truly “champagne,” it needs to come from the Champagne region. If you’re less choosy about your wines and just want a bottle of bubbly, you might not care about that, but if you’re looking for the extra prestige which comes with the name—especially if you’re giving it as a gift—it’s useful to know when shopping in stores or online for deals.

A toast—to good health, good friends, and great online wine options!