What Are The Top most Indian Plants That You Should Have In Your Garden?

The Indian plants are very rich in variety just the way our culture is. The prime reason for that is extensive growth of flora and fauna is possible in humid or warm weathers. So, our tropical monsoon climate supports growth of many plants and trees and we also worship some of them. In ancient times, people used to plant a tree in each birthday of their son or daughter. And now we are into mass deforestation of trees and plants. But that would lead to danger for our upcoming generation. So, send indoor plants online to your love done son happy occasions and promote the greenery. Here is a list of some important Indian plants that you can plant in your gardens.

Indian Basil or Tulsi: Hardly there is any home in India that is devoid of this plant. Every family has a Tulsi in its courtyard and this is a tradition since ancient times because in ancient India, Tulsi used to be the solution for all ailments from acne to tooth-ache. You must be getting tulsi in your green tea packet but if you plant this Tulsi, you would benefit from it more. It grows well in warm weather but direct sunlight is not suitable for its health. So, make sure you place it somewhere in between light and shade.


Marigold: This is also one of the most important plant for your garden because it is required to worship Gods and Goddesses. It is very easy to grow and keeps the look of your home really vibrant and lively. A good well drained soil and sunshine is important for its growth.


Money Plant: To decorate your balcony or the space by your window pane you can get this money plant. It is very easy to grow and requires least maintenance. It can survive without sunshine but moisture is very important for them. Just a stalk of money plant is required to put in water and it would grow making your indoor place livelier.

Rose: This is undoubtedly the king or queen of flower world. Planting one at your home would make your space a beautiful one. Select from the various colors of roses and plant it in your terrace or lawn or garden and let the whole world get mesmerized in its enticing fragrance. Winters are the best time for its growth and so you can start your shopping for rose plantation now.


Lucky Bamboo: A bamboo plant in small form is often considered lucky for the health of your home. Not nay random bamboo plant but only those which are tagged as lucky bamboo should be bought online for a great life ahead.