Why Should You Buy Dog Toys from Nina Ottosson?

Dog toys are meant to make your dogs physically more active, and make them able to stay better and fitter. These toys have been proven by various studies to have many positive effects on dogs. Playing with these can improve their digestion, and offer them other physical benefits. Nina Ottosson Dog Toare known to be unique exceptions, and go beyond their simple purpose of making owners train their dogs physically. Check any Nina Ottosson Dog Toy Review and you will know how it can benefit your dog.

Mental stimulation

Other than making dogs feel fitter, these toys mentally stimulate them as well. It is an interactive toy that is interactive in form, and comes with several difficulty levels. As your dog figures out how to move beyond one level of difficulty, it is exposed to another. The toy allows hiding foods or treats within it, and overcoming difficulties to find them makes your dog smarter as well as agile.


Many dog toys are not very user-friendly when it comes to dogs, but the Nina Ottosson toy that is designed to improve your relationship with your dog, and make it fitter.

  • The toy is shaped like a huge bone, which immediately looks attractive to canines.
  • The Dog Brick can easily be manipulated, and you can conceal treats under the removable dog bones. Your dog can slide the bones to find the treats hidden beneath.
  • This is a high quality toy has been designed to make dogs able to handle them with their nose or paws.

Easy usage

The toy is medium in difficulty level. It consists of bones that are removable and can slide across the platform for the toy. It measures 17.5 X 11.5 X 2 inches in dimensions and can easily be handled. Manufactured by the brand Company of Animals and designed by the famous Swedish dog trainer Nina Ottosson, the toy is innovative in form and can easily stimulate a dog – both mentally and physically.

Constant engagement

The toy keeps dogs engaged continuously, and prevents them from being bored. Dogs, when bored, have a tendency to show more behavioral issues and try to grab the attention of owners. The toy is designed to suit the natural instinct of your canine companion. With a wide variety of levels to pick from, your dog can start off with and easy level and gradually move to more difficult levels.