A Girls Guide To Buying Human Hair Extensions Online

When you spend anywhere up to $250 per product, it can be a daunting task given the number of ‘claimed’ professional suppliers on the internet. Here’s a list of key items you should look for when purchasing hair extensions online.

Choosing an Established Experienced Provider

The general rule — “you get what you pay for” very much applies to this industry. Before you rush into buying human hair extensions online, it’s always worthwhile researching to ensure you are purchasing a quality product from a trusted professional supplier who is ethical, experienced in the design, manufacture and supply of human hair extensions. To determine if a provider has the required experience, you should see if they have a track record, which has professional media coverage.

Another thing to inquire about is the source of the hair extensions. Many providers are resellers only with no real understanding of the design, manufacturing or quality control process. The manufacture of quality human hair extensions is a complicated process, especially when you need product in volume.

Quality, Quality, Quality

If you’re considering human hair extensions, you will come across the phrase “Remy Hair”. Remy hair means that the hair cuticles are facing the same direction, minimising the real hair extensions from knotting. These extensions are usually more expensive than synthetic hair extensions because of the way the hair is harvested. Jadore is top human hair extensions online shop with 100% human hair extensions that are classified as A-Grade remy, making them one of the highest quality extensions available and easier to manage and less likely to tangle!

Ability to Purchase the Right Colours and Products

A choice of colours is seen as important to get your desired look. Before you order human hair extensions, you need to check the colour chart to see if the right colour is there and it’s the colour you wanted. This is important when purchasing natural hair extensions online because the provider needs to be experienced in producing quality colours which constantly match the colour chart and your requirements.

If you happen to buy the wrong colour hair extensions, you can usually return them and have them replaced with your ideal colour but read the fine print before purchasing to make sure as many international providers do not provide a return policy which means you are stuck with what you get.

Delivery Times & Hidden Costs

Check where your products are coming from. This is important for delivery times as well as if you need to return the product for whatever reason, it won’t cost a fortune to get your money back.  Ask the company if they have a dedicated nearby warehouse to dispatch and collect products.  International deliveries can be subject to import duties and taxes which are inherently hidden costs, so again – READ THE FINE PRINT.