Art Deco Style Watches for Women

Vintage watches are some of the most popular timepieces at the moment. The Art Deco style watches are especially popular. Both vintage timepieces designed and made during the era- 1920s and 1930s- and modern watches inspired by this prominent era.

What Is Art Deco?

In the late 1910s, the Art Nouveau era ushered in the Art Deco era. Also referred to as Deco, this was a visual arts design style that began in France just before World War 1 and flourished all over the world. It lasted from around 1915-1935, its popularity waning after World War 2. Art Deco was an eclectic style that used the traditional craft motifs from the previous Art Nouveau era and also embraced machine age technology. The designs were influenced by industrialization, fine arts and used machine age materials- metalwork and gemstones.

The designs were characterized by bold geometric shapes, sharp lines and symmetrical patterns-spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, zigzags, rich colours and lavish embellishments with heavy use of precious stones. The Art Deco era was a significant period in art and design. Its influence is still felt and seen today all over the world in various areas from architecture, jewellery, design, literature and even entertainment. This was the era of The Great Gatsby.

Watches and jewellery made in this era were bold in designs compared to the eras that followed. They were large and eye catching jewellery and watches that exuded luxury and glamour. Art Deco was an important era in wrist watches. It is during this time that wrist watches were becoming popular and various watch makers were designing and developing their first wrist watches. Actual Art Deco style vintage watches made during this era as well as modern watches with designs and styles inspired by the Art Deco era are very popular today.

As fashions come and go, so does Deco styling, however the signatures of this movement can be seen in lots of modern brands, from the face markings and hands of Rolex divers watches to the aesthetic of some fashion brands such as Fossil watches. It’s currently a hot trend, but who can tell for how long, and when it’ll be back again!