CA Fashion Tips for Your Vehicle

Here’s the thing about the Roadkill TV Show vs. Reality: A lot of what they show on there is do-able, but it’s not always practical for an everyday ride. The hot rods they show on Roadkill, that’s a little more engine and a little more upkeep than even hot rod drivers tend to want to deal with daily. That’s why most collectors also have a boring old run of the mill car they use to pick up groceries and get the kids from school. Online traffic school can help you lower your insurance rates (and get a ticket dismissed), but specialty cars are still pricier to insure than standard vehicles.

So, if you’re looking for a more reasonable way to makeover your car for the West coast, there are some things you can do to ride in style without becoming a cop-magnet.


Spoilers can make any car look sporty. Put a spoiler on a van and people will assume you can get that thing over 120 mph if you need to. Put it on a rusty old bucket and people will say “Well I guess he’s more focused on performance than aesthetics.” Maybe you’ll never be a street racer in your life, but you can still look like one. You can get a sweet lightweight spoiler just about anywhere for under a hundred bucks, install it yourself and head out with a really dope looking ride perfect for cruising the coastline in the California sun.

Consider A Lowrider Style

Nothing says “California” like lowrider cars and the surrounding culture. No matter where you live along the coast, but especially towards Southern California, around Los Angeles and Santa Barbara County, just about every town in the state has a few get-togethers a year for lowriders and hot rods. Next time there’s one in driving distance, head out and get some ideas. You might not want to get a full Aztec styled mural painted on the side of your station wagon just yet, but the imaginative accessorizing and paintjobs on display at these car shows are stunning.

Everyone in California Has Tinted Windows for A Reason

Well, two reasons: First, it keeps the sun out of your face when you’re driving. Second, it makes you look like a movie star. Why else would you need that kind of privacy, right? You can get a DIY tint kit, but we recommend having a pro do the job for you. A couple big bubbles smack dab in the center of your window, well, it just ruins the whole thing. It still keeps the sun out of your eyes, but it doesn’t look cool, so what’s the point?

Fuzzy Dice

They look cool and they only cost like five bucks. What more is there to say?

Accessorizing your car and customizing it to have a cool look doesn’t have to be all that expensive. A simple paint job, some new car covers, or a chrome fender can be had for less than you might think and can add a whole lot of style to your old set of wheels. And this is the simple stuff. There are also body kits to make your Hyundai look like a Ferrari and all sorts of stuff to let you get a high-end look at a low-end price. Figure out your own car style and have fun with it. Feel free to experiment, go to car shows to get ideas, and develop a look that’s all your own.