Four Ways to Efficiently Use Self Storage when You Relocate

If you are planning to relocate, expect to juggle with many tasks and this is not easy. In some situations, storing all or a number of your possessions when moving can help in minimizing the stress involved with the transition. Below are some steps to know as you store your things and ways to make the process smooth.

Streamline with Storage

  • In case you have small children. Renting a storage unit can be helpful in taking the pressure off to deal with all the boxes at once.
  • Moves with short notice. Storage can add leeway to the plans. Perhaps you wish to keep your things in a storage unit while you stay with relatives or friends until you find a new home.
  • Integrating travel into the move. When you take a job opportunity in a new state or city, putting your things in storage can make it easy for you to take a trip overseas before you settle in your next place.

Know the Things to Store

Base your decision on the value of items you want to store. Check if the items can be easily replaced when you leave them behind and whether they will fit into the new space.


When your belongings have sentimental value, like a favorite piece of furniture or family heirloom, consider storing them until you find the perfect spot for them. Boxes of trophies, photos and other memorabilia can work in a storage unit as well.

Look for a Great Spot

When you are searching for a storage unit in the state or city you are moving to, look for one which is near your new house. This allows time for settling in and bringing your less needed belongings to your new place. Always compare prices so you end up with an offer which fits your budget. In case you fail to find the prices you want in the neighborhood, consider checking the next one to find out if the prices are more in line with what your pocket can afford.

Call in Advance

If you are wondering about the time to reserve a cheap self storage unit, checking in early will put you in a better position. Calling in advance, depending upon the storage unit and the management, allows you to be put on a list and told when a certain unit becomes available.


If you just show up, you may be given just one or two storage options and this could get you renting a unit which is smaller or bigger than what you need. For the majority of places, you cannot book out further than one month in advance as they cannot guarantee prices.

But a number of on storage companies will allow you to set up a reservation as far as 6 months or one year in advance. These companies pick your things and get them stored in a secure place. When you do not have to access your things until after moving, storage is worth considering.