How to choose a kurti that complements your earrings and other accessories?

The Kurti, Indian traditional wear, goes well on nearly every occasion and atmosphere setting. Be it A-line, tail cut, or trail cut, Kurti designs are available for every occasion. Going along with an appropriate accessory, Kurtis can make you come across as strong, versatile, and vibrant.

The type of kurti you wear is supposed to complement the accessories you have on you giving you a complete look you were aiming for. Lucky for us, there are plenty of kurti designs out there, there for every color, shape, and type of accessory out there. Online shopping websites have plenty of kurti designs in a variety of colors there for every look you have in mind for yourself.

List of Kurtis for you

Here is a list of kurtis that will go with your earrings and other accessories:

Gown style Kurti

This kurti reaches down to the floor, giving you a boost in your inner confidence. The kurti gives you a royal look, giving you an appropriate look with short sleeves or sleeveless. The kurti goes well with embroideries. Contrasting colors go well, especially dark kurtis go well with bright accessories.

 Trail cut kurti

These type of kurtis are for of us who fancy wearing jewelry. The kurti has C cuts on both sides, giving you a traditional cum modern look. The kurti goes well with every occasion although it suits better in semi-formal to formal ones. The kurti comes in in different fabrics from cotton, silk, and chiffon giving you a huge variety to choose from.

Long straight kurti

These type of kurtis give you a taller, straighter look. The kurtis have a long hemline giving you a boost in your looks and confidence. The kurti goes well for people with an elongated face. Stud earpieces go well with these kinds of kurtis give you a semi-modern look, good for casual and semi-formal parties.

A-line kurtis

These kurtis are narrow at the top and goes wider at the bottom: shaped like an alphabet A. Mostly popular among young adults and teenagers. Accessories that go particularly well with these kurtis include leggings and churidars.

Tail cut kurti

The kurti has a short side, either the back or the front giving it a tail-like look. These kurtis are best for parties and casual occasions giving you a splendid, gorgeous look. These go well with modern jewelry, and casual makeup, nothing too formal.

Jacket style kurti

These kurtis teamed with a contrasting colored jacket are quite the boom, particularly among the millennial generation. These kurties go well with leggings and are perfect for totally casual occasions like an outing with friends or to a causal party.

Slit kurti

These kurties have a slit in the front or at the sides, giving a splendid strong look to the wearer. The kurti works well in every occasion; be is formal, casual, parties, or weddings. Combined with a statement palazzo, and a skirt give a gorgeous look.

Denim kurti

This kurtis in varying colors and patterns of denim blue simply do a splendid job of combining ethnic Indian wear with a western touch of style. The kurti is prefect for both casual and formal occasions, going well with hooped earrings and leggings

Shirt style kurti

The Indian kurti combined with the western shirt is a splendid work of indo-western fusion. These kurtis go well for your office wardrobes  and can be usually worn with light jewelry and makeup. It can also work for casual events and outing maintaining the style and giving you a gorgeous look.

Color block kurti

These kurtis are defined by contrasting colors indefinite blocks giving you perfect casual look. These kurtis are perfect summer wears, to a party, or any casual outing. Usually knee length, these kurtis go well with leggings and very casual daily accessories.

Despite their differences and styles, all kurtis give you an ethnic look, keeping you looking gorgeous with a tinge of ethnicity in it.