How to Wear High Top Sneakers

People cannot get enough of high top sneakers.  The trend, which was popular in the ‘80s, has re-emerged full-scale. Today, lovers of sneakers have a larger selection of footwear. Whether you are trying to achieve a sporty look or wish to achieve more sophistication in your fashion style, you can find the right high top to meet that demand.

Colourful High Top Shoes

Many people like high top sneakers that are more colourful. If you are one of these people, then you might want a sneaker that features cool prints, variously coloured laces, or illuminating hues. However, you want to wear the shoe properly too. Wear a plain shirt and basic trousers so the look does not go over the top. With this approach, you will draw more attention to the footwear.

Padded and Plain Styles

Padded high top sneakers often look good with skinny or straight-legged jeans. The sneakers not only make a bold statement, but they capture the eye as well. They come in various colours too.

On the other hand, plain high top designs permit you to be a bit more daring with your choice of clothing, meaning you can wear a patterned shirt with a crazy print or stick to a basic look that includes chinos or skinny jeans.

You can easily get the wrong size in a high top design, especially if you buy the sneakers online. Getting the right fitting is essential. Whilst shoes that are too tight are uncomfortable and painful, shoes that are too big portray the wrong image. As noted, styles in high tops come in padded and neutral fashions, too, and you need to make a decision about what type is right for you.

High Top Looks for Women

Women who wear high top sneakers often opt for a thin high top with skinny jeans. However, when you wear this type of footwear with these kinds of jeans, it may cause your feet to look extra big. To prevent this look, tie your laces to the middle instead of the top, making sure that the knot is not tied too tight.

You can wear a thick high top shoe with a mini skirt and no tights, so that your shoes will be the primary attraction. You can also wear thick high top sneakers with skinny jeans or baggy trousers.

High Top Styles with Boyfriend Jeans

Like skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans also look great with high top footwear. Because they are not too fitted, boyfriend jeans provide more versatility. That means you can roll up the jeans or dress them up or down, depending on the look you want to achieve.

High top sneakers also look fabulous with summer dresses. A woman with this look appears both girly and sporty. The look is super comfy too. Wearing the shoes with a dress permits you to move about more whilst still protecting your feet. You can also accessorise the look with a denim jacket in the evening.

When wearing sneakers, make sure you include socks to fight any unpleasant odours. However, you want to stay away from ankle socks or long socks, which are not exactly stylish. Wear socks that are low-cut and therefore invisible to the views of onlookers.