Important Features In The Women’s Professional Dress Form

 A professional dress form is essential in meeting all your sewing needs. When you want to look elegant and stylish, a professional form is a valuable addition to your sewing studio. For the attires to meet your expectations in shape, size and fashion style, a dress form is required. Here are some important features that you should consider to ensure that your form gives you all the aspects of fashion you need in your dress sewing.


An adjustable dress form is important when it comes to women’s professional clothes. When you have an adjustable form, you can quickly change it into the measurements that you want and the sizes. Adjusting may require knobs or simply a petal for it to happen.  You should check out for a form that you can adjust with ease to match up with what suits you best. An adjustable form gives you variety as compared to a fixed dress form.

A fixed dress form does not change as your body changes. It is rare to have a body that will stick to the same size and shapes over a long period. It is, therefore, advisable to go for an adjustable form when you are aware that there will be changes on your body. Key areas that require adjustments include height, the hips, the butt and the shoulders.

A bottom cage

It is essential to go for a cage that shapes skirts. A skirt cage will offer handy assistance when you only want to sew a skirt. The cage will be more beneficial, especially when it is adjustable to give various shapes and dress designs. You can leverage on the cage to create superb cloth designs for professional use when the need arise.

Pinnable dress form

A dress form is either partially or fully pinnable.  It is to select one that is fully pinnable. Fully pinnable forms allow you to insert pins to adjust the dress to the way you want. The partially one does not give this option, and that is why it is vital to go for a fully pinnable form. It will save you much of your sewing time, and you will create a presentable dress when you put it to use. The torso-only dress form allows connection of the dress to the form on either side, making it possible to sew with minimal challenges.

Collapsible shoulders

Another crucial element to consider, when choosing a dress form, is the collapsible shoulders. This feature allows you to sew a tight dress to have a replica of your body size and shape. It is a unique feature and vital in professional dress sewing.  You stand to benefit from the feature by sewing clothes that fit you superbly.

A professional dress form is a unique charm in making clothes that match all your body requirements. When looking for a dress form, it is imperative to pay attention to critical features that will bring outstanding results when used.