Kent Cold Pressed Juicer: The Perfect Juicer to Retain the Natural Taste

Kent is one of the leading manufacturers of the home appliances in India. The one and only reason that the brand has gained so much popularity is that their products are as advertised. If a product description explains a feature, that feature is available in the product. With the same innovation and dedication, Kent created the perfect juicer – Kent Cold Pressed Juicer – for all juice lovers.

This juicer has loads of features and does as advertised, retains all natural flavour and nutrients. Here are top features of Kent Cold Pressed Juicer:

  1. Special Slow Juicing Technology:

Conventional juicers have a fast spinning motor that causes various nutrition losses to the juice you are drinking. Kent Cold Pressed Juicer, on the other hand, has a low speed squeezing technique due to which maximum juice and natural taste is preserved. The juice becomes even tastier and healthier.

  1. It Retains All the Natural Fibres and Nutrients of Fruits and Vegetables:

Conventional juicers have a tendency to oxidise fibres and nutrients while squeezing the juice out of the fruits and vegetables. This is due to the enormous heat that is generated by the high speed spinning of the motor blade. Kent Cold Pressed Juicer, on the other hand, has next to no heat generated as it uses cold pressed technology. This keeps all the fibres and nutrients intact.

  1. More Juice Is Extracted from Vegetables and Fruits:

As Kent Cold Pressed Juicer uses both crushing and pressing techniques to extract the juice from the vegetables and fruits, it clearly extracts more juice. The fruits and vegetables are first crushed, which is a known technique for extracting juice. After crushing, the fruits and vegetables are subjected to pressing, which extracts any leftover juice in the pieces. This ensures that you get the maximum amount of juice from the cold pressed juicers.

  1. Powerful Motor and a Streamlined Cup Design:

Kent Cold Pressed Juicers have a special powerful motor that is specifically designed to extract juice from the vegetables and fruits that are put into the motor. The cup design of the juicer is in a streamlined shape so that juice flows right down from the juicer. These simple technology advancements in the cold pressed juicer allows smoother outflow and faster extraction of the juice.

  1. Can Be Used for Two Different Ways of Juicing:

Vegetables and fruits that are hard like apple, cucumber, carrot etc. need a special fine meshed filter screen and soft vegetables and fruits like tomato, orange, watermelon etc. need a filter screen that is wide meshed. Kent Cold Pressed Juicer comes equipped with both types of filter screens and you can use them appropriately whenever you need to juice vegetables and fruits. Just use the right filters and get the job done.

  1. Easy to Clean and Hygienic:

The best part about Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is that it has a special motor that works in reverse action as well. Due to this, the blockages are easily cleared out. This feature isn’t available in any of the conventional juicer systems, thus making Kent juicer unique and highly effective. As the shape of the appliance is really streamlined, there are no blockages making it highly hygienic and healthy.

Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is without a doubt the best in the market. It retains all the essential nutrients and fibres and is also responsible for making your juice tastier. The juicer is easy to clean and has special filters for each type of juicing. It costs just INR 15,000, making it highly affordable and cost effective as well.