Why Dolls Are Important Toys

Toys that come in the form of figures and dolls offer children, especially toddlers, a way to act out some of the scenes they see in their everyday life. Not only can children bathe, feed, change or cuddle a doll, but they can also build a home of blocks and drive a father or mother figurine to work. If your child has a sibling, they might act out scenarios that involve sharing and cooperation. Dolls also cause a child to feel empathy. For example, children might practise caring for a hungry animal figure or an injured doll.

No Batteries Required

It is not surprising that child therapists often use dolls when they work with young children. When you allow your children to play with dolls, you open up the windows of their world so they become more imaginative. Playing with dolls helps a child’s development, both emotionally and educationally. Psychology aside, a doll or figurine permits children to create a world of their own – one that does not require the use of batteries.

Dolls 2

Toddlers love all kinds of dolls. Some girls and boys like playing with life-like dolls that are made with rubbery materials, whilst others appreciate using dolls that are lighter in weight or are made of cloth materials. Some dolls, such as Gotz dolls, come with their own unique clothing styles. As a result, children learn from an early age about grooming activities. Other dolls stimulate varying kinds of play. For example, some miniature dolls take the form of farm animals or very small people. You can enrich a child’s life in this way, as he or she can think up all kinds of realities.

Doll Storage Suggestions

Dolls are made that teach self-help skills as well, some of which include zipping, snapping, lacing, or buttoning clothes. You can store most dolls easily and they won’t make a mess. Dolls can be stored out of sight in buckets, in containers on a shelf or inside other toys, such as strollers or carriers. Some toddlers love their dolls so much that they want to sleep with them at night.

Dolls 1

When you buy dolls for your children, you want to establish some ground rules. Whilst it is nice for children to use their imaginations when playing with a doll, you also do not want them to get carried away with the idea. For example, you don’t want a doll to fall prey to a haircut or to get a makeover with markers. You need to make sure that your toddler understands that there are certain lines you must draw when it comes to doll play.

Playing is important to children, and dolls are a tool that is used for play. Anything that allows a child to play with creativity and safety can be made into a toy. A doll, of course, is no exception to the rule. Whilst dolls are used for social development, other toys, such as brooms or puzzles, are used for muscle development, whilst toys such as musical instruments are used for sensory enhancement. Each toy has its own special significance in a child’s life. That is why dolls are an important part of the mix.